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Welcome to APD Carb, your gateway to seamless commercial vehicle solutions. Unlock the full potential of your fleet with our specialized services, ranging from low mileage exemption assistance to DMV heavy-duty commercial registration. Trust us to streamline your operations by registering fleets with clean truck checks and Trucrs, providing expert consultation on industry regulations, and ensuring compliance with certified smog and opacity testing for heavy-duty trucks. Your journey to efficiency and regulatory excellence starts here.


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Here at APD Carb, we offer services that include;

Help With Low Mileage Exemption

APD Carb offers assistance with low mileage exemption, providing tailored solutions to meet regulatory requirements for qualifying vehicles in a mobile service setting.

Help With DMV Heavy Duty Commercial Registration

Specializing in mobile services, we facilitate the heavy-duty commercial registration process with the DMV for fleets, ensuring compliance with efficiency and convenience.

Register Fleets With Clean Truck Check

APD Carb registers fleets with Clean Truck Check, leveraging our mobile capabilities to streamline the compliance process for environmentally conscious trucking.

Register Fleets With TRUCRS

Registering fleets with TRUCRS, our mobile services ensure a seamless and efficient process for compliance with regulatory standards.

Certified Opacity Tester for Heavy Duty Trucks

As a certified opacity tester for heavy-duty trucks in a mobile capacity, we ensure accurate and efficient testing to address emissions compliance.

Consult Companies on Regulations

 Providing mobile consultations, we guide companies on intricate regulations, ensuring informed decision-making for compliance strategies.

Travel and Aviation

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Certified to Smog Heavy Duty Trucks

APD Carb’s mobile services include certified smog testing for heavy-duty trucks, offering comprehensive emissions testing to meet regulatory standards.

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Unsure if You Meet CARB Compliance Standards?

Should you find yourself uncertain about your compliance standing, we invite you to engage with our diesel consulting service. With our in-depth understanding of the regulatory framework, we are well-equipped to assist you effectively. Rest assured, we are committed to deploying every resource at our disposal to address your compliance concerns promptly. At APD Carb, our dedication extends beyond resolution; we strive to ensure your equipment swiftly returns to operational efficiency. With our proven track record in navigating regulatory intricacies, you can trust us to safeguard your compliance interests. Contact us today and experience the assurance of regulatory compliance with APD Carb.

What Our Clients Say About APD Carb

Jenn was able to help save my company. I was non carb compliant with 3 of my trucks and I was going to have to leave California. She sat down with me reviewed my company and found a way to work with Carb and DMV to save my trucks and my company. She saved me hundreds of thousands of dollars. She always kept me in communication of what was going on each step of the way. Thank you Jenn, I tell everyone about you.

Joe H- John

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We’ve been in the business for 14 years in the heavy duty industry. With the new regulations, we have wanted to help fleets and customer to be compliant with California enforce regulations and keep truckers on the road in compliance. 

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