Some of the fleet management services we offer:

  • CARB / ARB Registration and Compliance
  • TRUCRS / State Compliance Registration Services
  • State compliance / Regulatory compliance
  • Managed services for fleet vehicles

Register Fleets With TRUCRS

Registering fleets with TRUCRS, our mobile services ensure a seamless and efficient process for compliance with regulatory standards.

Certified Opacity Tester for Heavy Duty Trucks

As a certified opacity tester for heavy-duty trucks in a mobile capacity, we ensure accurate and efficient testing to address emissions compliance.

Consult Companies on Regulations

 Providing mobile consultations, we guide companies on intricate regulations, ensuring informed decision-making for compliance strategies.

Certified to Smog Heavy Duty Trucks

APD Carb’s mobile services include certified smog testing for heavy-duty trucks, offering comprehensive emissions testing to meet regulatory standards.

Best Reason To Choose Our Service

Expertise in Compliance Solutions
Comprehensive Consultation Services
Certified Smog and Opacity Testing
Trusted Industry Reputation